Am I Really Her

Time Out - am I really her????

Okay, here’s the deal. I’m looking at a Tiffany’s advertisement for a gold cuff and the first thought that comes to my mind is not “how much does it cost?” but rather “who is going to buy this for me?” Before I can even compile my list, I’m almost disgusted with myself for thinking that way—but not for long. You see, after hearing my girlfriend Avis vent about her loser ex-husband, who she has to pay alimony to, and those countless dinner dating horror stories from my friend Maya, I am in a bit of funk as far as romance goes. Right now I’m so over the concept of love.

I have a new mantra: SCREW LOVE—GO FOR HIS MONEY.

        I am mentally exhausted by the thought of finding Mr. Right, combining our assets, and building a nest. It’s all bologna. I want a guy who already has his nest and is just looking for a little birdie to hatch his eggs. And after my precious little chickies arrive, I want to be able to look down at my right finger and see my sparkly “push present.” I’m mean, at this point in my life isn’t it okay to expect everything from a guy? I am not in high school so friendship rings and going steady doesn’t mean shit to me. I want someone to treat me like a queen. To take me to the best restaurants and on lavish vacations. Spoil me like I have never been spoiled before.

        So as I stare down at this Tiffany cuff, I read the fine print. It is from the Tiffany 1837™ collection. It’s a limited edition—just like me.

        GillianAlex is back!


  1. All that is good, but as you get older you want to be able to take care of yourself. You want to look for someone who makes you laugh and that you can be yourself with warts and all. When I was young I dated rich and poor and I can say a jerk is a jerk. I married someone in my forties that makes me laugh he does not have high powered job, but he works, his money is my money and my money is my money. If we stop looking for someone take care of us and take ourselves and look for someone who adds value not money to us…we will be a head of the game.

    • Amen kimberly1

  2. yeah. I feel this way too.sometimes you want to be super spoiled.

  3. WOW—this must be some cuff. LOL

  4. I totally get where you are coming from in this post and it’s ok to be her every now and then.

  5. I love your line “mentally exhausted by the thought of finding Mr. Right”..Honey I Hear You. I see why you might feel this way today but the girl that i have grown to know through your blogs isn’t really her at least not for ever. Something tells me that when you find him it will all make sense


  7. In a funk over romance lately, I hear that loud and clear! A few of my girls are feeling the same way about wanting to be courted and gifts are all part of it. No matter if it’s big or small, super expensive or very inexpensive, it’s the damn thought that counts! Most men are making us feel like we need to have the mentality you are speaking of because they have the attitude of what can they get from us (ass to cash). So I want that limited edition cuff myself. One for each wrist!

  8. duhhh.what girls doesn’t want that little blue box.

  9. I’m in a funk too. I’m going on a “finding him” hiatus and taking page out of your book and going for gold and everything else I might have my eye on. Thanks for the encouragement.

  10. whoever this guy is – he is getting off easy. I want diamond earrings!!!!!!


  12. Come on.

    I hate to say it but I think this is all bullshit. If you are independent and strong, do you need gifts? Are you in it for the gold or because you love someone. Does he take care to take care of your needs as a person or is it all about the ring?

    No. It ain’t. If a guy loves you he will show you his heart. He will help you achieve. He will help you become what you’ve always wanted to become and help you in your life as a mentor, a friend, a lover, and as a person. You will do for each other and love each other.

    Don’t put the onus on him to shower you with gifts. That’s on you. I don’t need a blue box to tell me he loves me. Yeah, I know, love doesn’t pay the bills. Let me ask you this:

    Does he love you?
    Will he always do for you?
    Does he pay attention to you?
    Does he help you with your career and family life?
    Does he take/do less for himself to give you more?
    Does he ask a lot from you?

    I can see why guys act the way they do. One of my friends (a guy) is so over the whole game thing he says he doesn’t care if he ever gets married. He said most of the time his girlfriend is selfish, self-absorbed and has her head up her ass. The only time she “wakes up” is when he is doing/buying something for her. No wonder he is questioning himself and the relationship.

    Rings and things are nice, but I’d rather have the love. Time to wake up and take care of ourselves first.

  13. So much for love? The right guy and the right time make diamonds and gold trivial

  14. This was pretty beneficial. I’ve been examining your weblog alot above the earlier handful of days and it has earned an area in my bookmarks.


  16. That’s totally you. Go for his money. Take all you can from him and then kick him to the curb without giving him a crumb. That’s totally you.

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