Dear Him

Time Out - dear him

        MAY 1st 2012…

Honestly, I want to believe all that I have written, but a piece of me can’t. I am selfish right now, standing high on the soapbox commanding that all women follow in my footsteps. I’m so in control of my womanhood that I can’t see beyond my own wants and needs. And although all of this clarity feels good, I’m secretly waiting for my “him”, as I know he has the power to break me. He will be the reason that my legs buckle. The reason a tear falls. The reason my stomach drops.

        What’s funny is that I’ve met him before and am in some ways lucky to be with him now. He is that guy who really gets me. He really likes me and I LIKE him back and in my world, liking someone means more than loving them. My him has seen me without makeup and is still in love, and for that I love him even more. He is infatuated with me and it has nothing to do with my beauty but everything to do with me just being a girl: his “ her”.

        He leaves me longing for him when he isn’t around and still dreaming about him when he is there. He is my everything because he leaves me wanting for nothing. He tucks me in at night and checks on me all day. I LOVE HIM but am so guarded that I don’t want him to know.

Just when everyone thought I didn’t have a heart,
I want all girls to know that I bleed too.
I just keep more Band-Aids on hand so people are none the wiser…


  1. very nice. glad to see that you bleed too. WE ALL DO

  2. Sounds like you want to be in love but are scared. Let go of your fears. It will all be worth it.

  3. You sound just like me and I too want to fall into “his” arms but like you feel like I will lose myself in the process.

  4. yeah I’m pretty guarded right now with my thoughts also.hopefully both of us will get over it soon

  5. be never know what lies ahead.your him might be staring you in the face and don’t even know

  6. i knew you had a heart! lol

  7. Follow your heart and focus on what is in front of you,it just might be what you want and need.

  8. I loved this piece. One of your best.

    If he is in your life, don’t you think you should tell him how you feel?

  9. Stop the presses! I’m holding my breath right now! This is good news.

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