212-472-**** DELETE 415-319-**** DELETE 202-413-**** DELETE 305-487-***** DELETE 312-769-**** DELETE 917-702-**** DELETE 646-728-***** DELETE 212-612-**** 347-257-***** DELETE 510-482-**** DELETE 215-798-**** DELETE 347-487-**** DELETE 510-407-**** DELETE 617-851-**** DELETE 213-468-**** DELETE
and last but not least 011 44 7956 587*** DELETE

IT’S FRIDAY NIGHT and I have made a conscious decision to delete every number that no longer needs to be in my phone as those individuals have NO PLACE IN MY HEART. I will not pretend that I don’t’ miss them nor will I act as if their existence isn’t valued, but what I will recognize is that all of them ( boys & girls) committed some act that proved that they no longer deserve to be in my presence, revel in my energy or profit from my kindness.

         And because I am a realist and know that I too at times can be weak and are a little prone to drunk dialing, I was left to do the unthinkable: delete their numbers.

Today is the only day that I ask you to be a follower.
If you have somebody in your life that sucks,
I did it. So can you…



  1. I totally agree. “To the left to the left”

    • friend said to me, “We can’t hang out anymore becsuae ‘fiancee’ doesn’t like us to.”"Fiancee doesn’t even know me! That’s ridiculous!”"I know, but I don’t have a choice.”Feel the love in that.

  2. Delete THEM ALL…..I did the same thing two weeks ago.

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