Time Out - gillian

AGIRL whose only

INTEREST is finding out what she truly

LIKES while endlessly daydreaming about who she will fall in

LOVE with because she knows that buying into the concept of happily ever after is blissful

IGNORANCE but is so certain that

ACCEPTINGand settling for bullshit is far worse because it will leave you with


        THAT ‘S ME. Without the Alex…


  1. You will always have ALEX I named you!!! LOL

  2. A lways
    L ooking for
    E xtravagent gifts and
    e X otic men

  3. Very Creative…

    • Yes, John James was a big crybaby all week, even Davina cnemmoted on that fact. I think being an only child-who still lives with his mum-he’s not used to peer rejection or not getting his own way. It’s a learning curve for him. I bet that being handsome helps him in real life to always be treated nicely and get what he wants but because the house is such a tiny microcosm of the real world, it’s tough on him too. Oh, boohoo poor John James, I know, but I bet it’s harder on him than anyone else! (And he’s Australian.) I agree with you, mostly, about his looks, I think he’s handsome in a white bread sort of way, but I have issues with men who dye their hair. At least he’s not a super groomer like JJ, men that shave their entire bodies also freak me out. Obviously, body hair doesn’t bother me at all. I live with Captain Unkempt and I love every bit of him. (To be fair, he actually does groom his beard!)What I really liked about John James was his fierce loyalty and obvious love (and serious difficulty with rejection from) Josie. I liked how torn he was (and I think still is) about his feelings for her. I really do wonder what his plan for their future is, or if it is just a showmance. Ok. So, Josie, yes, has been boring lately. I laughed when her and John James were all, wow, we really DO spend too much time together when they were forcibly separated. I thought that punishment would go on for longer (it should have, and it should have also been that they weren’t allowed to talk at all to each other), so they could reconnect with other housemates but I bet the producers were like, no, JoJa and Josie are good for ratings. People WANT love. Even pretend reality show love, they want it.Fair enough on Sam Pepper, I guess they needed a shit disturber like him to spice (haha!) things up a bit. I have a feeling he will last longer than Josie would like. And I have a feeling that Josie will wind up friends with him again. It is like a schoolboy crush he has on her, pigtail pulling and name calling. He totally singles her out (or so it seems, that’s the way the producers edit the shows!) I think he’ll be miserable after the show when he realizes just how hated he was at the beginning, and maybe all the way through. For all his proclamations of truth and honesty, I doubt anyone has ever sat him down and told him what he’s really like and how it can be hurtful. I think he’s more sensitive than he lets on. It seems he thinks he’s being funny and teasing but when Josie fires back, she’s dead serious and it’s clear it hurts him.That must be her problem then? Why’s she so serious about him, why can’t she just tease him back and let it be done? Why does she have to get her knickers all wadded up in her bum?Gillian will laugh at me (because originally I disliked her SO much) but I’m going with Corin ftw. Also, I am totally psyched for the All Star BBUK. If that starts in a couple weeks (is that 2 weeks? Really?) then this one must end soon. It’s done so differently from the way they do it here, I have no idea. The US BB has never had anyone come out of the house and be famous. Not even remotely, not like Survivor, a show that consistently produces stars. Or semi stars. They’re just really good at picking memorable A type people, that is the big difference.

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  5. Natasha Posted on Thank you for sharing your story. I’m sorry you are in pain, it’s very very diuclffit. Try to stay positive and move forward. Peace and blessings, Natasha

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