Time Out - Girls

This week I did something that I swore I would never do. I asked all the men in my life if I was marriage material and before I even had a chance to digest their answers, which by they were all yes, I was like FUCK THEM as I would marry me hands down. After all What was not to love?

Smart, pretty, beyond likeable and everything in between.

Not to mention, I am soo lucky that I mirror every women in my life. My Mom(s), My Aunts, Cousins, Friends and the Friends of my Friends.

Girls – we doubt ourselves on all level. Our strength, our looks, our self-worth, but they guy I am sitting next to tonight said that it’s only because we strive for more. That for us, enough is never enough. That some how we never feel pretty enough, skinny enough and even sometimes not even smart enough. And as he is talking I glanced in the mirror to fix my lips. Just as I pull my gloss out of my bag, he tapped my shoulder and looked at me and said you are perfect as you are.

So with that being said, I ask all Girls are we truly too hard on ourselves? Or is it that sometimes we are to jaded to see that real guys, if they really like us don’t care.


  1. Good for you. it’s okay ask questions and knowing the answer before you hear the response is feels great.

  2. WE are The BEST! Girls ROCK!!!

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