His Right Our Left

Time Out - his right, our left

Okay, I said it. Boys jerk off and it’s discussed. Girls, even if we do it, we don’t discuss it—and that’s what makes us different from them. We hold our self-respect closely and guard our womanhood. We may smile while we are thinking of it, but you will see only our teeth, not our thoughts. We are smarter than boys!

We are the greater being and that’s all there is to it. When we finally reach the point in our lives when we aren’t afraid to spill it, we spill it and own it. With that being said, enough with the rhetoric and the B.S., WE ROCK.

Time out – I’m in love with being a girl.

Time out – I love my self worth.

Time out – I love being me.

Stop what you’re doing and take a time-out because every girl needs one…

Ok.. can we say hangover…hope your weekend was good as mine.


  1. OMG!! I had the same kind of weekend.

  2. hahahaha. me too

  3. WE all have these days.

  4. I am glad I am a girl!!!!! Don’t get me wrong I love boys! But girls rock! We are the superior being! One of the only reasons men exists is because of girls! The only reason men strive to be so successful is because of girls! I could go on and on but we girls already know!

  5. Yes Girls “ROCK” Yesterday! Today! Tomorrow! While we Rock, we often lean and pick our MAN up because he has fallen! That’s why we GIRLS ROCK!!!

  6. this is funny.


  8. I appreciate you sharing this blog site write-up. Genuinely Wonderful.

  9. BOYS vs GIRLS… the life long struggle

  10. bookmarked!!, I really like your blog!

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