Time Out - I LOVE NYC

When I exit the subway, I receive a text message from Darren. He is my date and he is running about 30 minutes late. This is perfect because, per usual, I was running 20 minutes late. We are meeting in Union Square so rather than change my shoes one block away from the restaurant like I usually do, I decide to brave the three blocks in my heels. As I’m sitting on a bench to do the “switch out” from my TB’s (Tory Burch’s) to my Prada wedges, a girl sits down next to me and before I even have a chance to compliment her nail polish. She tackles her own switch-out from Manolos to ballerina flats, freshens her lips, pulls out a cigarette and lighter, and collapses back on the bench. As this whole transaction is going down all I can think to myself is:

        this is why I LOVE NYC.

        It seems like it is the only place in the world were girls really own their womanhood. We practice it daily and parade around triumphantly with it on our shoulders. We gracefully march around the city like we own it, while cautiously knowing our limitations. Women move through New York City like lightening. We carry some of the best bags, filled with everything from gym clothes and makeup to text books and laptops. Some girls are taking car service while other are taking the train downtown.

        Chicks in New York City know how to find their lane and stay in it. We breeze past movies sets with an attitude and can’t be bothered with the many catcalls of construction workers. The hustle and bustle of the city turns us into straight shooters.
We either like you or we don’t. We party uptown or downtown. We’re in love with the Eastside or detest the Westside. There are girls who have transformed their pre-war apartments uptown into sexy boudoirs, while others work with high-end interior decorators to design a loft in Tribeca.

        The opportunities for success are endless. You can land a job at the company of your dreams and work your way up or simply work any ol’ day job that gives you the freedom to pursue your true passion. It’s the one city where you do not judge a book by its cover—if only because you are likely to be standing next to a millionaire on the train home or riding next to a politician in spin class. It’s the one city where knowing the doorman at a lounge is more important than knowing the owner of the lounge. Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate because of all of the adventure that’s waiting at the doorstep. It is a grown woman’s playground and if you have the right toys, you’re happy to skip naptime.

        Although I’m a California girl and credit my cool, laid-back upbringing for my cheerful demeanor, I’m glad that I ended up here. This city continues to prove its loyalty to me in the way of great restaurants, great people, and great fun.

        I really do NYC.


  1. OMG this is too funny! I am literally in the process of writing a blog for Fashion Forms about self-love, radiance, and “womanhood”! I had to take a time out (wink wink) so that I could go back and revise my draft.
    Anyways… LOVE this post! I am a east coaster now living the California dream – you really made me miss the NYC lifestyle!
    Have a fabulous week <3

  2. SCREW New York and the Giants for that matter!!!!! Yes there is that “sex in the city” description that you have given us , but what about “the rats and dirt in the city” I saw my first rat in New York (and I don’t mean the mayor) and ever since Herbert Hoover, I believe New York city has always been dirty and depressing. I hope while you’re changing into your PRADA that you are also looking behind you for muggers and bums!

  3. Oooh yes – to be a Women in NEW YORK CITY. fun, fun, fun

  4. I see where you are going TrueHeart but you must admit that New York City even with all it’s fault is an awesome place.

  5. I miss New York :( – I moved to Miami 2 years ago and this post is right. There are things that a woman can do in New York City that he just can’t do other places and is really is a playground.

  6. OMG what a GREAT story! Continue to enjoy what is in store for you.
    O’ Trueheart your day is not going well, SO I want you to see your GLASS half FULL instead of half EMPTY!!! We girls are in CHARGE of our own HAPPINESS!!

  7. Overrated, and filled with people who invested too much money into there wardrobe, and not enough into there dental work.


  9. I think New York and Chicago both have playground qualities- good food, great men! so i guess I’m spreading my love – I LOVE New York City & CHICAGO.

  10. I can totally indentify with this post. I run this city like a marathon and am that girl on the bench with cigarette. If you align yourself with the right people you can really enjoy this place.

  11. I love NYC too!


  13. New York is ok, but it’s not really a big deal after you’ve lived here for over 10 years. The first few years are exciting though and your post reminds me of that. I prefer London and Tokyo to NYC. If you want real fast pace, fashion, buzz, style and excitement, visit Tokyo. With 40 million people, it makes NYC feel like Boise, Idaho!

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  17. if a girl can make it here she can make it anywhere.

  18. I LOVE NYC 2! I moved here 5 years ago and never looked back.

  19. NYC is the best. I Love it here too.

  20. NYC is a great place for a single woman. I agree with you on this.

  21. This totally describes my New York experience.

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