Let The Good Times Begin

Time Out - let the good times begin...

Tonight I’m talking to myself. I’m secretly wondering about what lies ahead, asking myself: What is to become of my life? Has the best already happened or are more good times ahead? I’m usually a fearless girl, but tonight I’m feeling scared. I’m scared because my biggest fear is that tomorrow won’t be as much fun as yesterday and if this is true, then what? All that I am is all that I know, all that I’ve lived – good times, good fun, and great people. I’ve been so lucky to have super people in my life and great men by my side—but if that ends, then what? Will I be forced to pretend like I’m okay with just being OK? I am a dreamer, and I don’t ever want to wake up.

        Suddenly, this internal conversation has become an affirmation to myself:

I have a new mantra: Be the best YOU.
Don’t be afraid to state your wants.
And never give up on your dreams.

        Some people christen the night be saying “let the good times begin.” I vow to live them everyday.

        And suddenly, I’m not so scared anymore.


  1. Love the mantra! Speak it daily and it will manifest.

  2. My mantra is “Believe-Become”. With that said, I firmly BELIEVE that you BECOME what you BELIEVE, good or bad. The catch is that you have to be very careful because beliefs are born from habit, learned behavior or from what you have been told and worse of all, THOUGHTS!!!Negative thoughts are like fetuses that grow into obese, cancerous adults that spread disease within your own bodies and into the bodies and minds of those who surround you. I am now very careful and try my best to think positively and my focus is on the beautiful things that life and love has to offer. The best IS yet to come, if that is what you BELIEVE. I love the new matra because being the best you requires you BELIEF IN YOU! Go G!!!

  3. Its is truly soo important to be the best you!

  4. You must make the most of what you have.period

  5. Agreed. have a blast everday. make everday count.

  6. Don’t ever give up on dreams no matter what. Successful don’t stop. They persevere through all of the obstacles. You have made the first step with this blog. Don’t Stop!! Because you have soo many more good times ahead.

  7. Dont ever let the GOOD TIMES STOP.

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