March Madness

Time Out - March Madness

If men knew as much about women as they do about sports, then the manufacturers of vibrators would go out of business, chocolate factories would shut down, and the scale would be an obsolete device. Tonight, I’m at a sports bar and the guys are going crazy! Men speak about sports with a passion that rivals a politician’s demeanor on the debate stand. I mean seriously, men and their love of sports is truthfully some girly shit. They obsess over their favorite team; they buy special outfits in the team’s colors and are relentless with their devotion. They will paint their faces and put any and every obligation on hold for a game. Whether it’s in public or in a private setting, they are passionate and aren’t afraid to show it. But when it comes to the subject of women, they are absolutely clueless. They just don’t get how easy to understand we truly are. We’re talking 2nd grade math. No algebraic theories or Einstein analogies needed: Make us smile, make us happy, and make us laugh—and we’ll be your biggest fan.

We are not complicated. If we so much as even like a guy a little, then we probably already secretly love him a lot. I maintain that a girl just wants a boy who gets her like he gets his favorite team. Praise our strengths and offer solutions for our weaknesses. Stand by us through ups and downs and parade us around with pride. Know us from the inside out and all of the components that make us tick.

I want a man who knows me, knows what I like, and whose only goal is to make sure that I win.

Ok Ladies- take out your whistles, study that play book, and check his stats -

Spring is in the air and it’s time to SCORE!


  1. I want my man to be as strong as a VIKING yet as sweet as a SAINT with money like a 49ER who can RAM me with his GIANT #@$#@!!!!!


  3. Dang. this was right on point. Some guys are straight obsessed with their favorite team and to think – they call us GROUPIES!

  4. Not sure who you girls are dating but my boyfriend would never let a sporting event interfere with our plans.

  5. Here’s some advice – Instead of being upset with your man about his love for sports , join in on the fun and LEARN THE GAME.

  6. I get women all to well! and once a man does and tries to fulfill that woman’s every need we realize that women will only be happy for a little while! yall wont be truly happy until ya’ll grow dicks! i want my T shirt

    • And we [Duke] did. I am a Bradley University student, but a Duke fan inisde. The 2009 Championship game was hard for me because Tom Izzo and Michigan State are great and classy team. (We also played Michigan State last year, thats why i rooted for Mich)However, UNC Great team. As much as i disliked Tyler Hansbrough he is the best college player I have seen play. Congrats 2009 UNC and now 2010 Duke National Champions . Two of the best programs

  7. Ummm, did you forget to edit? You left in that untrue line, “We are not complicated.” Thats so untrue.

  8. OMG!! boys are reading the GTO blog. Bravo for doing your homework.

  9. WE are NOT complicated. It’s true- boys just don’t get it. If we like you then we probably really do love you. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! We can’t help. We are emotional creatures.

  10. You make it sound like guys are in their own world – sports first, us second.

    I was recently dating a guy where sports mattered a lot in his life. However, he always, always put me first. If a game was on he wanted to see but I wanted to go out, he’d never say a word. If I asked him, he said he’d catch up with the highlights later because I was more important. He not only got me, he understood me innately.

    I lost him because I was stupid. I didn’t pay attention to him as much as he felt I should. And it’s true. He did so much for me. I didn’t do much for him. He got frustrated and left.

    He said “you’re either top of the list or near top in a relationship or you are last.” He was right.

  11. I quit reading for a while because I thought the posts got to be a little much.

    I think you are off base on this one. If a woman is into shopping, say, guys can say the same thing about us. This is not a gender-specific issue. I think you are a little too self-absorbed here.

    I get it. You have some issues with dating and guys. We all do. We’ve all had bad experiences. But you can’t paint every guy with a broad stroke. It’s just not right. There are plenty of special, wonderful guys who get us. Then there aren’t. That’s life. That’s people.

    I really hate to sound mean because you have done a wonderful job. But in my opinion, this post shows me you are a little immature and don’t get love at all. Either you won’t accept it or don’t get it or don’t have it. I really hope you do get it and do find it and can accept it.

    Yes, we all have a lot of work to do, not only as women but as people.

  12. Love this blog.

  13. how true is this, boys do really go crazy over sports

  14. You know my boyfriend manages to find the time for me and his favorite sports and he includes me so maybe you just have the wrong guy.

  15. It is both amazing and sad how guys are comfortable making it known how much they love a team or sport; no matter how dumb they look. Meanwhile it’s a big deal to make a fool of themselves for the love of a woman. Yeah, put your game faces on ladies. Sping is approaching and we wanna make the playoffs!

  16. This is so true. If guys only know as much as they do about sports as they do about women………

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