My Confession

Time Out - My Confession

I must admit that I am no longer comforted by my own thoughts. I want to hear some else’s voice.

This past weekend was eye opening.

For the first time in my adult life I actually felt broken. I had no hope, no drive, no nothing..

Alas, not even life’s clichés could pump up my spirit-
There was no light at the end of the tunnel that I could see.
They say Good things come to those who wait, except I had been waiting all summer, and, although I did realize that Things could be worse I was unsure as to how much worse because I had hit rock bottom.
I flat lined.
That’s it.
But thank God for the crash cart.
I’m back…
barely but im back…


  1. Then we need to go out for a drink! Let’s GO!

  2. Hang in there.. and glad to have you back.

  3. You must be reading my mind.Sometimes life is tuff.

  4. Girlfriend, that is what meditation is for. And once you’ve sat in it long enough, that’s what girl friends and red wine is for! Just remember one thing: ‘this too shall pass’. Life is a gift of free will so exercise your freedom and go do something rad and different. Maybe rad and different to you is a different meaning to the norm, but you know what it could be. Just think ‘what is it that I feel right now?’ and ‘what is it that I need right now?’. The answers will be simple and they’ll come to you. You have a gift G because you are different and special. I miss chatting with you about boys!!! :) You would shoot the last idiot of mine if I told you the saga. But alas, we move forward and we’re better for it. hugs!!

  5. good share!!keep go on!!!nice post!!

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