No Make-Up

In light of something that happen to me on Sunday night- I decided that I should repost Time Out – No MakeUp…

Time Out - 2013 – NO MAKE UP

Last night, I was out with this guy that I’ve been seeing for the past month. As we entered the restaurant, the hostess complimented my lip gloss. Once we sat down at the table, my date looked at me and said that he had something he’d been meaning to tell me. He said that he thought I looked better without makeup. He stared straight into my eye and said that he liked a girl with a more natural look. As the words came out of his mouth, all I could think was, “You F&^%ng jerk!” The nerve. I couldn’t actually believe that he had the mitigated gall to say something so instinctively vial. This guy had clearly been picked on in all levels of school: elementary, middle, and high. My friends and I would have ripped him a new one daily. So as he is standing there telling me in so many words that he is genuinely not ok with my level of pretty, I am floored.

         Alas, I longed for the day when I could see him in a full face of makeup. To see him with a contoured nose, flawless skin, and sun-dipped cheeks. Instead, I was forced to accept his razor bumps and crooked jaw line. I was left to pretend that the dark spots on his face added character and that his nose really wasn’t that big. By the grace of God he had straight teeth, which lent to a decent smile, but he was in no position to be choosey. But as he continued to talk, I listened. I sat quietly, and quickly lost my attitude. I knew that he wasn’t alone in his quest to find the woman who met his exact esthetic qualifications. After all, he was a man. A man who possessed the luxury that is not within reach of any woman on the planet.

I have a new mantra: The luxury to date based off of looks.

        Those lucky bastards. Free to run around and piss and sh^t wherever they please while women have to work twice as hard, be just as smart, all while worrying about what we look like. We are endlessly counting calories and buying skin creams. There is non-stop worrying about our appearances. We stay on the quest to find the perfect jeans and will go to any lengths to maintain our beauty. Whether we are injecting our faces with Botox or spending hundreds of dollars to obtain the perfect hair color, we don’t question our beauty regimens—we just do it.

        Men however can be fat, unattractive, even a little sloppy—and they’re still able to land a beautiful woman. Now the funny thing about this is that they don’t even realize that they’re only afforded this luxury for one reason: A smart women’s concern is not whether her man looks good, its whether he is doing good. Because we place more emphasis on this, his flaws become invisible. While they walk around wearing their rose colored glasses we never take off our invisible ones. We wear glasses that magically erase all of their flaws and allow us to hone in on the important stuff: money, power, and success. Whether these men are brilliant enough to have come across new internet money, were able to land great-great granddaddy’s bank account, or are just local boys who done good, our glasses make it possible for us to see it.

        I mean seriously, what the fuck did they really think?


  1. Yah, I dated a man who also told me he didn’t like makeup and preferred i not wear it. Meanwhile, his eye was caught and carried by every made-up woman who passed by. And when I say “made-up,” I mean glossy red lipstick, thick eyeliner, shadow, and long spiky lashes. And I’m sitting there with my pink lipstick just a shade darker than my lips and light mascara. All I could think was, “Make up???? Make up your mind, pal!!!”

  2. This is so on point..If they only knew.

  3. This is ON POINT.. lol

  4. I have been here. EVERY MAN NEEDS TO READ THIS.

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