Time Out - Poem

I’m really not for poems but last night I wrote one…

My eyes are blurry
They are not filled with tears but hope
Hope of good things to come
The hope that tomorrow will surprise me with sunshine
My eyes are my tunnel
They are the path to my dreams
If I can see it, I get it, touch it, feel it.

But then I blink and suddenly that sunshine, that hope is lost
I now feel hurt
My eyes are blurry
They see clouds
I find myself praying for rain
For at least if I had rain, I would feel touched
The rain gives me comfort
Reminding me that I am not alone
Reminding me that passion is near and joy is present
The rain magically helps me to see the passion in my life
The desire to be held.


Boys aren’t shit. My date stood me up. I’m both sad and mad. I should have just gone out by myself. Didn’t go because I thought I looked fat in my outfit. I ate too much yesterday. Going to bed.


  1. Author:

    Faith is always rewarded.

    Have faith in yourself and if you have a love, have faith in him. It will be rewarded.

  2. Hahaha..I have felt this way before.

  3. I have these days too. All women do.

  4. Yes..I have had this same kind of night before too.

  5. different from your other post but I like it.

  6. Author:

    We’ve all felt this way. We’ve all been stood up. We all feel like shit. But you have to realize, it’s on them, not us.

    You’ve never answered me. Do you have a guy in your life? Is he like the others like who you wrote about above, or does he love you? Does he want to do the best for you? How do you feel about him? Is he stop-gap while you wait for the next big thing?

    If people play games, like above, spit on them. Otherwise hold dear what you have.

    • Jenny, Your posts are fulfilled with WISDOM! Good questions unanswered . . .

  7. I cant believe you wrote this…This is so powerful – Great job GO!

  8. This is a beautiful poem.

  9. Yes..I get exactly what you meant.lol

  10. OMG..you had me going..I knew there would be a spin to this post..love this Blog.

  11. My eyes get blurry because I get drunk when I get stood up!

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