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Time Out - the day after

I just saw the May issue of the Oprah Magazine and the cover reads: How to Get Better with Age. After reading it, I’m dumfounded because as I grow older, I literally don’t know what I should be thinking and or how I should feel. Am I supposed to be scared of wrinkles or the sting of the syringe from Botox? If I decide to have a baby should it be a natural birth or will I request an epidural? If I get married should I make him sign a prenup to assure that I’m not stuck paying alimony in the event we divorce?

       &nbsp As I look around at friends and colleagues they all seem to have it figured out. They are investing heavily in their 401K(s), buying property and taking the next steps in relationships and careers. But I am a dreamer that doesn’t want to wake up. I foolishly spend like “the well” will never run dry and live each day like it’s my last.

        For me, age and growing older is much more than just adhering to the rulebook of life – college, marriage, baby, and retirement. Growing older at this point in my life serves as a badge or stamp that represents my journey. Each year that I get older is my spiritual baptism and I long for it. It’s no secret that I live for today, but what is not known is that I prematurely cherish tomorrow and all that is to come.

        My breath, my touch, my words and my smile, these things never grow old. Alas, age and growing older is nothing to me because life and living is everything.

Today is Tuesday May 8th, the day after my birthday.

The day the real party begins.


  1. According to me you’re living life the right way! No one is promised tomorrow so why not live for the day! Everyone can plan for the future the way they see fit for their individual lifestyles. Everything may not go as you planned it! If you believe in God you know that you are just making efforts to direct your life, but HE ultimately has the plan for you. TYSY (think young stay young)

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!!!. Do not look back because you are on the path to greatness. Don’t ever strop Dreaming.

    • Darling cupcakes! I most cetiranly did not run any marathons I don’t think I could. I always admire people that can complete one marathon but two is very impressive. Kudos to your sister!

  3. Follow Your Dreams and live LIFE to the fullest. You are truly inspirational.

  4. The day after my birthday all I had was a

  5. loving this blog

  6. What do you have to loose? Your an only child, you don’t have kids, and you won’t be out on the street. Fuck it, continue to be the loving, funny, selfish bitch that you’ve always been!
    Happy Birthday, and always stay young at heart.

  7. Cheers to you.

  8. We must learn to embrace age. I turned 29 two weeks ago and I was freakin out because I thought for sure I would have been married by now, finished with my Master degree and be working on baby #2. I felt defeated because not only had I not finished my Master ( I dropped out of grad school) I didn’t have an good prospects to make a baby with and married ( YEAH RIGHT). But when I cleared my head of all of those thoughts I found that I was at peace because believe or not I was actually happy with myself and my situation.

  9. Girl you are Kicking Ass!! Keep up the good work.

  10. Happy Birthday! Happy Everyday! Keep living and dreaming to the fullest! Age has nothing on you. Keep giving your gift of inspiration to us. Xoxoxo

  11. Me too girl. Im soo happy to get older and wiser.


  13. You know the thing that I like most about this blog is that I hear the honesty in your writing. That is what we all need. the truth.

  14. Happy birthday to you and many, many more to come.

    I have to tell you though, it isn’t always about you. If you want to be selfish, well, that’s fine, but understand there is a price to pay for it. Trust me because I bet I am older than you. And I’ve seen it. You turn around one day and you ask “where did it all go?”

    Beauty is skin-deep. Love is forever. If someone loves you,love them back. Tell them so. Don’t be selfish. It will only turn people off.

    Again, trust me because I know.

  15. Happy Birthday to you! I love this post because i feel the same way about getting older. My Aunt passed away in January and she has lived such a good life that although we all would miss her we knew that she had no regrets. So don’t ever stop dreaming, ever.

  16. Happy mothers day to all the beautiful mothers out there. If you are not a mother, love your sister, daughter, brother, and anyone else in your life.

  17. Happy Birthday To You.Let your Words be your present.

  18. I know I’m late, but I’d like to say ‘Happy Birthday!’ Sorry, I didn’t find out before. Oh, and I’m sorry I can’t add an aneatmid smiley like the ones above, I can’t figure out how to add one, so instead, I’ll add this one: :) !

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