The Mantras

Time Out - the mantras

Over the past few months I have taken a look at my life and in the midst of my journey have set some rules that I will live by.

Before your begin reading please note:

        It’s a New Year so don’t take any shit or accept any excuses because you don’t deserve it…

        see below:

owe your success to no one

make your favorite book his checkbook

you can’t marry a married man

be prepared to reach the top by yourself

never be the “pencil in” bitch

no more free bj’s

make sure you are the Sole Beneficiary of the Bullshit that’s in your life

contrary to popular beliefs- beggars do need to be choosey

don’t be impressed by convenience

note: you can eat like a pig or drink like a fish, but you can’t do both

here’s the beauty of listening: no one can ever tell that you are doing it

remember: if you ain’t shit, then not being shit, ain’t shit to you

the support of others is monumental

when a man is available, a woman always makes herself available, so try not to be soo available

take your inspiration from those who didn’t give up

tell your story

if you know you have it, own it


  1. YOU CANT MARRY A MARRIED MAN. well stated. i needed to hear that

  2. My Favorite Mantra is: make your favorite book his checkbook – That is hilarious!

    • You forgot: Don’t start none won’t be none!!!! But my favorite is you can eat like a pig or drink like a fish but you can’t do both! Because thst’s what I did and I am fat and bloated!

  3. the support of other is monumental. I am going thru a rough patch in my relationship and without the support of my friends I would have never made it.

  4. NO MORE FREE BJ’S is still my favorite.

  5. you are right. owe your success to no one. our destiny lies within.

  6. I looked to friends to go in on a venture with and no one was really as serious as I was soo I totally agree with the mantra: be prepared to reach the top by yourself.

  7. I really do love this blog.

  8. TELL YOUR STORY. we cant be afraid to speak up.

  9. My favorite is No More Free BJ’s..

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