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Not all married men wear their rings. I’m at a sports bar (again) watching a basketball game and 5 of the 6 broadcasters on TV aren’t wearing their rings, but I’m almost sure that some of them are married. For women, it’s all about the ring. My God. The wedding ring is the one accessory that we have researched, tried on, and actually priced that we have no intention on ever purchasing for ourselves. We drop hints, cut out pictures, and secretly obsess. If having a great ring is important to you than no matter the size, the cost, or the cut – YOU WANT IT.

The ring from the outside looking in can convey more about the relationship than our actions truly imply. Meaning, we could walk into a room with our husband or fiancé and unbeknownst to everybody in the room be completely pissed with him, but the reaction of every girl sheepishly looking at our left hand and eyeing our sparkler, makes us blush on the inside. A married woman doesn’t realize that everything for her is left hand-related. They talk with their left hand, they point with their left hand—and that’s okay because, admittedly, every single girl is kind of, just a little bit jealous whether she wants to admit it or not. Not jealous like we hate you, just selfish jealous like “please keep your fingers crossed for me.”

Oppositely, men could care less. I maintain that the majority of them couldn’t be bothered. RING or NO RING??? That is the question that they simply don’t care about. I actually believe that they would have a stronger stance on boxers versus briefs. Now I’m not throwing every married man under the bus who doesn’t wear his ring; commitment to marriage is not defined by a piece of jewelry. Alas, we have seen men over and over who wear their rings everyday but have no respect for the sacrament of marriage. I’m just saying that the “wearing of the ring” for us is not the same as it is for him.

For us it is the fairy tale. That moment in time: the proposal, the ring, him on bended knee. Many of us have fantasized about this since we were little. But the older we get, we realize that the ring is only one piece of the commitment. We end up figuring out through trial and tribulations that honesty, good times, and lasting memories trump “the ring” any day. Shame on us for judging one another.. We are girls and we know better. But let the record state:

GillianAlex is holding out for a FL (completely flawless), 15-carat, round-cut diamond, set in 18K yellow gold. But she’s happy to take a wedding band made of tin if that’s all the man that she truly loves can afford.


  1. This is so true! However, I was married once before and although it didn’t work out I loved wearing that ring whether we were on good terms or not. I look forward to getting married again one day and will feel just as proud as if it was my first time with a ring.


  3. Ok it really isn’t all about the ring- that is just a small piece of the big puzzle.. What matters the most is that your man loves you and is committed to making you happy.

  4. I have been obsessing over my perfect ring for years and I still haven’t received, but I’m going to keep hope alive !!! SMILE

  5. Consider it done

  6. Why do women appraise the ring if they didnt spend on it?

  7. If you are a big jewelry enthusiast like myself the rock is the grand finale on a lifetime of show pieces! I love to wear it and watch the eyes follow it from the moment it is noticed on my finger. Just as I admire all my prize jewels it’s nice to have others do the same. My ring compliments me but doesn’t make me! That’s the difference. It’s great to have but what’s greater is the man who put it on my finger. So I agree, if it were a bread tie, I’m still on cloud nine!

  8. I love that you would accept a ring made of tin…that’s good in theory but the truth is that the ring doesn’t matter when you consider the big picture. My wedding ring was nice at first, 1.5 Karat center stone, very good quality..three karats over all. He cheated anyway. Then for my 10th anniversary, we upgraded. The ring was flawless. A 2.5 flawless center stone, with a two connecting pave’ eternity bands set in white gold. He cheated more. For our 12th anniversary, I gave him the RING of an alarming WAKE UP CALL…and I left. Now I just want honesty, and what that means to me has evolved over the years, but that is what I want along with someone who can afford to invest in his future. I just read that men that make less money than women are more likely to cheat, so maybe that was his problem. Anyway, I love your blog. I live vicariously through you.

  9. The Ring! The Ring! Ladies if you are going to wear one, it should speak VOLUME!!

  10. Well, the ring can be considered a dowry or a promise that the man DOES indeed plan to marry the woman with ownership to said ring. It is also the status symbol that shows that the man is not a deadbeat and can afford a ring and provide for their loved one. I, on the otherhand, think of it as insurance that the guy won’t run later on…and if he does, then at least I can hock it at the pawnshop for some cash and use it on a trip to forget about the jerk. =P

  11. I want a fat ass ring! Point Blank!

  12. My husband and I shopped for the rings together. I think that is the best route couples should go. That way neither of you are disappointed.

  13. Im still waiting for mine. LOL

  14. Ladies, the ring is only one part of the relationship – the most IMPORTANT

  15. I agree, if having a great ring is important to you than you should be afraid to tell your partner. Be honest about the things you desire.

  16. Girl I am still waiting for my ring – it’s been 7 year. I really wish you would address the “waiting part” in your next post.

  17. If you want a ring that bad then buy it yourself. It will be your own little secret.

  18. I love this blog.

  19. My husband and I shopped for the ring together because I didn’t trust him to go on his own.LOL

  20. My husband and I shopped for the ring together because I didn’t trust him to go on his own.LOL

  21. I love this blog.

  22. I love this blog

  23. My husband and I shopped for the ring together because I didn’t trust him to go on his own.LOL

  24. I can’t wait to get married. I love the idea of people knowing I am the wife, and not just the girlfriend. I want to be able to say my HUSBAND!

  25. You aint nevr lied about this. The ring is eveyrthing. I mean the guy is kinda important too (smile)

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