Time Out - today

Today is better.

        My vision is clear.

        My thoughts are no longer clouded.

        My future is starting to make sense.

        My success is right around the corner and I now realize that I must keep pushing forward and stay focused.

        I am just returning turning from Holiday abroad and when I arrived back to the States yesterday, everyone greeted with “ Hope you had fun, welcome back to reality” and as I heard that over and over, I finally stopped someone and said my REALITY is that I was just on Holiday.

        My reality is that I dream.

       &nbspMy reality is that I strive to live my life to fullest.

        So today, June 19, I am officially back.



  1. Welcome Back! Sometimes you need a holiday after the holiday

  2. yes.. You are living your reality. I get it. Good for you.

  3. Good for you. Your readers are glad to have you back.

  4. Wow. I had this same epiphany a few days ago. Sometimes we loose site, but is all about finding it back. Welcome back.

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