When A Man Buys Flowers

Over the past 6 months I have received not only comments, but emails from readers and it was so nice to hear the thoughts of others as sometimes I swear no one gets me. Some of these emails were amazing and I decided that occasionally, I would post a Guest Time Out from one of the readers.

Time Out - when a man buys flowers

On my commute home this evening I saw a young man, about 30 years old, with a bouquet of flowers. He seemed quite confident with himself, his face nearing a smile. This guy certainly wasn’t delivering an apology. From his expression, I would wager with certainty that he was on his way to meet someone he truly adores. Other passengers noticed him; other men nodded in approval. That’s right, no one razzed him. He was met with respect.

        I must say, this was an incredible thing to witness. I’ve been disappointed enough to know this is rare. I might’ve even lowered my expectations. But to know that men still gift flowers out of the blue or for reasons other than a prompted holiday—it’s refreshing. It restores something that past letdown-boyfriends took away.

        What’s so important about flowers? Think about it: flowers are an irrational purchase. It’s a sign of impulse or emotion. No man wants to buy flowers. Ladies, haven’t we all heard the argument that they die, they’re silly, oh, and overpriced? So when a man makes the sacrifice of an irrational purchase over something more practical (like a new DVD starring his favorite actor), he is leading from his heart. His action is altruistic. His only motive is to make you happy. We can’t suspect him of self-interest. I love that!

        The best part is that I’m sure no one explained all of this to my fellow commuter. He just gets it. The lesson to be learned is that great things can happen naturally. You don’t have to nudge your man to pamper you. Sometimes it means more when they surprise you…especially when he’s not trying to get your forgiveness. Hold onto those moments. They don’t happen everyday, but that’s not to say they won’t happen to you. I’m just hoping the other men on the bus took notes!

This week’s time out was written by Kristin Elizabeth. She is a Midwest native who prefers a challenge over something familiar. She immerses herself in pop culture, reality TV, and thrifting.
New York is now home
as she pursues a career in brand strategy.


  1. This was a great idea! Looking forward to more guest posts.

  2. Receiving flowers from a man especially when it is a surprise is awesome.

  3. I like to receive any gift – flowers, jewelry, clothes..i guess i am gold digger.lol

  4. It is always nice to receive flowers. on any occasion and when a man makes that kind of gesture just because , it does feel amazing.

  5. I dont wait for a man to buy me anything.If I want it, I buy it for myself.

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