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(note: this was first posted in February, but over the weekend I was reading through my time out posts and felt like I needed to be reminded of my womanhood)

I’m selfish about my womanhood and don’t expect a man to get it; in fact, I don’t really care. As I’m sitting at the bar tonight, my date is explaining how busy he is while padding the conversation with 12-letter adjectives and other big words that he thinks will help me deal with the fact we won’t be spending as much time together as we usually do. Unbeknownst to him, I’m secretly laughing to myself. You see, the only reason we are even out tonight is because my schedule permitted it. He has no idea that I actually contemplated whether I should do a full face of makeup or just concealer and blush. Or that I toiled over whether I should wear heels or flats, nude lips or shimmery gloss. His schedule was the least of my concern.

        Men concentrate on their agendas all day, every day without wavering. A woman, on the other hand, quite often puts her needs on the on the back burner to support a man’s. A woman must learn to be committed to her needs—no exceptions. She must move on her own terms. She must stay smart and remain committed to her own success.

        A woman is the most precious being on the planet. She is the reason why the earth spins. We hold the key to life. Every man should realize that he is nothing without us. Period. We give men their strength. Being in our presence alone can help them to appear taller. We are the reason they go home and jerk off. Our words, our kisses, our touch—they fuel his being. A man is a lucky bastard because of a woman. We validate their existence and they know it.

        Now let’s be clear: I’m not throwing all men under the bus. A good man is what makes my heart beat. His love, encouragement, time and loyalty—it’s priceless. But finding and owning your womanhood is equally as important. Deep in her own mind, she must be clear with her thoughts and desires. Yes, she yearns for a good partner in life but is not afraid to go without if his needs look like they might alter hers.

        It is our world – without or without the following:
Husband, partner, lover, kids, career, house, car, clothes, money or jewelry.
We don’t need any of it to validate us. We validate ourselves—always.


  1. I agree, it is VERY important for us to STOP and remember that we are the Wind Beneath our Wings!! How Wonderful!!

  2. I agree that women should remember to be selfish and focus on sellf worth but I also believe that it is harder to do when you have a husband and kids. But if your husband is rich it can be achieved regularly!!

  3. Hello

    I don’t want to remain childless and unmarried but I will if I have to cater to a mans schedule. I have to be like this cause my mom was not.

    I am 42 so there is no looking back now.

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