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It’s 3:00am and I can’t sleep. Yesterday was an emotional struggle for me. I’m empty. The ears of friends feel like they are becoming deaf to my words leaving me with no one to talk to. I’m lonely. Life is stagnant. I’m pretending to be fulfilled, but I’m not. I know that I need to make some major decisions regarding my happiness, but I am afraid as I’m uncertain about the outcome.

I wrote that three weeks ago and can’t
even remember who or what I was talking about.



  1. You don’t need to remember who or what you were talking about. The fact of the matter is we all have that feeling at some point in time. It was a moment of reflection for you. It was your inner being that is telling you there needs to be a change. However, change can be scary. It is that uncertainty of the unknown that keeps us stagnate, leaving us with that empty feeling. As a person one needs to constantly evolve and remake them self. Life no matter how dull or exciting is a constant work in progress. I am a work in progress and as such I have decided that I want to be a Picasso; abstract and eccentric! Making no apologizes for who I am, what I want and how I went about it.

    I too have felt the way you do and have decided it is all about the end game. I asked myself once “When I die how is it that I want to be remembered by people? What is it that I want them to say about me?” If you think of your life in terms of the end game then you can write your story and how you want it to turn out. And to hell with everyone who get upset with you because they can’t put you into that nice neat little box of conformity. Be daring, be adventuresome, embrace life’s challenges. Get married, don’t get married, have children, don’t have children….it is all part of the work in progress. It’s about finding out what we really want. Then again we can only really know what we want when we have experienced that which we do not want.

    It is the letting go old ideas or structures that may not be working and embracing new ones. Ones that challenge us and may even make us feel uneasy or uncertain. We cannot grow without that. So I in my infinite wisdom have decided….Life is a buffet table…try everything!

  2. girl sometimes we all just trip out. LOL

  3. This is funny.You had me going.

  4. Almost certainly as the E is silent that is certainly my guess.

  5. WTF.

  6. I Totally Get it!!! WTF

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